No no no net

6:58 PM

October first Execulink close the DSL line as our subscription has ended. Teksavvy cannot make the DSL active. Bell reports ‘incompatible equipment’ on the line.

A service guy comes round and checks out the NID. Rewired. Lines clean. No incompatible equipment on that side of the connection. There is no equipment on that side of the connection.

Teksavvy reports again previous Bell error message.

A supervisor at Bell support reports that there is nothing on the line that could block Teksavvy from making the connection.

Teksavvy reports that it isn’t the modem, or any equipment on this side of the house. It is a Bell systems, not software, not hardware, but some kind of systems error.

Message from Teksavvy, from Bell, that I need to get the bcris number from Execulink. No bcris number means there was no cancellation order.

I call Execulink at 245 pm. The manager for cancellations has gone for the day.

Message from Teksavvy confirming from Bell that there is a service on the line blocking Teksavvy from making the connection. I need to call Bell and ask them what that is.

Bell says yes, that there is problem with the line and that I need to arrange a service technician call.

I call to arrange a service technician call and I’m told that the telephone line is fine, therefore no service call is necessary, and that since it is a problem with the internet, they will not be sending out a service technician.

It is apparently Teksavvy now that must make the service call to troubleshoot the internet access problem.

9:23 AM Friday October 8

Call from Teksavvy to catch up on information I have. I explained yesterdays process. I called Execulink. ‘bcris’ numbers haven’t been issued by Bell for over two years. Execulink puts through a disconnect order. Will take a day to run through the system.

3:10 PM

Teksavvy reports that there is ADSL on the line, the ‘incompatible equipment’ that prevents their DSL connection. Naught to do now but wait.

4:28 PM Monday Oct 11

No no no net

9:43 PM Tuesday October 12

Call from Teksavvy to say the connection will be up on Friday October 15.


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    • 10:41 AM
      I feel I’ve been pushing this boulder uphill both ways in a snowstorm. 15 days of unhelpful errors, incompetence and blame. Hours and hours of waiting for tech support, voicemail mazes and departments of people who don’t know the answers, or they aren’t in the office right now.

      10:10 PM
      Man, does nobody work on the weekend? For an ISP that has a dedicated staff to respond to the answering machine messages… calls on Thursday, calls on Friday, calls today… And no response today…

      An adequate service I can get would be better than a good service I can’t get.

    • 9:54 AM
      Once again Teksavvy has escalated the problem.

      Went through the usual switching wires around, restarts. The Comtrend does not respond to ip address Speedtouch does, but the Speedtouch doesn’t get the internet either. DSL steady on both, no Internet.

      11:08 AM
      The account at Teksavvy was suspended? Could take moments, could take hours to work through the system. Things should be online by the end of the day.

      I’ve heard that one before.

      9:58 PM

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