iPad independence

Still enjoying my iPad. It’s always with me, and though I don’t always use it in place of my laptop-on-the-desk, I always think I could. Except…

For instance, I check about a half-dozen online comics every day. It is easier to go to my Safari bookmark menu and click the bookmark link to download the strips and view them on the laptop. That *could* be automated so I wouldn’t even need to click.

Another thing: I need to manage my MobileMe website from the laptop. There is no app for that.

Interacting with my WordPress blog could be smoother. That too, is an app problem.

Getting photos, music and video onto the iPad still requires the desktop anchor. The camera dongle could resolve some of that. Still, you can’t manage or edit albums or photos.

Keeping accounts in Numbers is adequate for my needs. My inputs are simple: recording receipts, time, mileage, but occasionally, something needs to be printed out of an app, so you need either to sync or email the item to the anchor.

Basically, I see this a number of questions. Can the iPad be totally independent of a computer anchor? And, how much of my computing requires something more capable than an iPad?

Is it possible to set up an iPad, straight out of the box without a computer?

It is certainly mobile, but not yet independent.