RSS and newsreaders are almost really good.

I find myself using Pulse less and less. And I find myself using Flipboard more and more. I like the curatorial aspects that Flipboard uses, and that Pulse did use, but has seemed to abandon in favor of making the users the curators. Flipboard is bright and open. Pulse seems darker and close with interface elements in the way.

I’m also reading stuff with Blogshelf. I moved some things out of Pulse. They didn’t display well as the leads were heavy with text and Pulse thrives on graphic leads. Ten or twelve rows of text were just too dense. But Blogshelf has it’s problems too. Some sites provide only the clipped feed so you need to tap two or three deep to get to the story. And it’s too cute with interface gestures. Leave the frigging navigation menu on screen. Don’t make me look for it every time. If I want to go back, that gesture and icon should be on the left, not the right side. If I can swipe left to right to get to the previous story, why not one last swipe to go all the way back to the top level?

I’d like an RSS app that scoops my selected newspaper feeds. I’ve had Reeder on my iPad twice now. Why am I tethered to using my laptop, or even Safari on the iPad, to manage the feeds from Google’s awkward interface? I’d like an RSS app that scoops my selected newspaper feeds or favoured blogs, and displays them simply and cleanly as a list on the first screen. New items on top. I could scroll it down and simply tap it to go to a longer version of the story, either in browser or scooped and cleaned up.

Update sept 2 2010

Ah, well… After using Flud for a few days, with various hangs to blank screens and crashes, I have deleted it. All the blogs I want to read are back in Pulse after a painful two hours of trying to get the Google Reader feeds to feed to TwitterFeed then to Flipboard. I was warned it was a Rube Goldberg solution. But Pulse picked them all up from the Google Reader collection just fine. Reader has such an arcane interface. Like poking pins into your eye.

Blogshelf has been relegated to screen three or four of the iPad holding a few blogs I might look at every few days.


  1. Pulse has moved the navigation tab out of the view, back to the bottom. Good. And swiping from story to story is a great idea. Some of the sources have been restored.

    I’ve settled on Pulse, Times and Flipboard. I’ve loaded the blogs I like to read – which use pictures – into Pulse. My newspapers have gone into Times.  

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