Blue Heron on the Thames

An iPad sketch from Brushes. The sun was pretty bright, even in the shade so the screen was hard to see. Not completely plein air as I brought the sketch home and reworked it in indoor light.

I’m noticing that the iPad is good for certain things. I wouldn’t do this kind of drawing on the iPod. And whipping out the iPad just for a short grocery list or to briefly check the time seems awfully showy. The iPod is far more convenient for Post It Notes kind of things.

One thing that would rock on these painting programs is some kind of immediate touch sensitive brush sizing. For instance, when I drag my fingertip I could get the brush tool as it is set in software. When I lay down the side of my thumb I should get a great fat wide brush. When I drag three fingers across the screen, I want a big flat wash brush.

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