Recycle, but not that.

Some time ago, probably just back about a year, I used to get free range eggs at Quartermaster. You could bring back the previous used paper egg carton and refill it. The local health inspector decided that hand refilling and reusing paper containers was unsanitary and so put a stop to that. Only freshly manufactured paper egg cartons were allowed.
Curiously at this point free range eggs began showing up in the chain grocery stores – in plastic cartons. What’s funny is seeing someone pick up eggs in one of these plastic trays, opening it to hand inspect each egg then putting it in their cart.
These cartons were stamped with a 1 recyclable triangle. Okay. Not so bad.
Now all these clamshell 1 recycled containers are being refused from blue box recycling.
I’m told I need to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle, but then some rule prevents me and then some manufacturing process defeats me.
I can’t count how many Tim Horton’s trays we’ve managed to offer back to the recycle bin. I guess it’s back to paper egg cartons if they’re still out there

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