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Highland tax deal tagged ‘unfair’

Fri, August 21, 2009

Under a deal inked in 1963, the London golf club has avoided paying city hall $2.4 million in property taxes


London politicians came out swinging yesterday after learning Highland Country Club doesn’t plan to reconsider a 45-year-old tax deal that has enabled the club to avoid paying city hall $2.4 million in property taxes.

“People are going to see this as really unfair and indeed it is unfair,” said Controller Gina Barber. “Ordinary people don’t get a tax deferral when they go on unemployment or are living on a pension.”

Under the deal inked in 1963, the private club pays only 60% of its property taxes in perpetuity — the balance comes due, plus 4% interest, if the club sells part of its property south of Commissioners Rd. between Wellington and Wharncliffe roads.


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