The Ed Blake Park Report

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Ed Blake ideasAs I said in an earlier post, I was involved in the process of getting information from the young – present and potential – users of Ed Blake Park regarding their wishes for the targeted infrastructure spending to develop facilities in that park. They picked a number of things they wanted to see and part of the process involved the kids drawing their ideas about the desired facilities and uses.

From the Report: participants identified the following facilities as short-term development priorities:
• Soccer pitch
• Tennis courts with ice rink
• Basketball courts with ice rink
• Track and field
Long-term priorities for facilities’ development include:
• Football field
• Natural area including benches, trees, water fountain and playground
• Splash pad with washrooms
• Skate park

The drawing was charming, personal, focused and graphically strong. The biggest struggle was actually the dog work of scanning and deciding what to gather together to best tell the story. Working with their artwork produced two full page graphics highlighting the major themes and ideas and a number of spot illustrations from their work used throughout the report.

The report was sponsored by Youth Consultation Process Sponsored by:
Life Resource Centre
London InterCommunity Health Centre
LUSO Community Services
NorthEast London Community Engagement Group
and facilitated by
Platinum Leadership

Don’t ever let the idea that you can’t draw get in your way.

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