Super Pesticide Bylaw Man!

orser bylaw teeth

From Jonathon Sher’s  Free Press story of July 11 2009:

Orser slams ‘toothless’ ban of cosmetic pesticides

London Coun. Stephen Orser, who pushed for a local ban of cosmetic pesticides, said its provincial replacement is an “expensive, toothless tiger.”

Since April 22, when a new provincial ban took effect, only 18 complaints from London and Middlesex County have been investigated by Ontario’s Environment Ministry.

That’s only half the number of complaints that have been phoned in to London city hall alone by residents who still thought it was the city and not the ministry enforcing a pesticide ban.

A short-lived city ban, years in the works, took effect Sept. 30 last year, and would have meant a costly administrative fee of at least $500 for anyone caught spraying pesticide.

But with Ontario planning its own ban, which would negate municipal bans, the city never collected a dime, focusing instead on educating Londoners on how to grow lawns and gardens without pesticides.


  1. Is it just my perception, or is Stephen doing a much more credible job than many of the so-called “progressives” predicted that he would?

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