Sunfest 2009

I feel somewhat dissappointed with Sunfest this year. Yes, yes, yes. The musicians are fantastic, professional, and talented. Inarguably top flight. All of them.

The treasure this year is Umalali.

But where is the Tinarawen? The Yakudo? The Tuvan Throat Singers? The Pygmys? The African Women drummers? The Dobet Gnahore? That really awful Indian brass band? There’s no discovery, no spine tingling, hair raising, tickling discoveries.

Yes, we get world class acts from some exotic places around the world that play fusions of ethnic and western music, acts from Quebec that have fused their immigrant homeland music to western music and a jazz stage that I just don’t go near anymore even if it does have the best shade.

Bellowhead was rockin, but they just ain’t World Music.

And what’s with all those plastic tables and umbrellas? They really get in the way of decent sight lines and take up good sitting space that could be occupied by people.

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