What I’m doing on my summer vacation

What have I been up to? Well not posting here obviously. Since I am not doing the cartoon regularly to a deadline I’m just not paying a lot of attention to the local news. And city council has gotten quiet as all the problems are solved and it’s summer.

So at a barbeque event some weeks back I discovered a few things about season two of Being Erica. And following the hint to the CBC website I caught the episode I missed while we were in Cozumel. So I discovered the Being Erica Facebook fan site. Geez, so I finally had a reason to join Facebook.

Well, I had to tool around there for a while. Most surprisingly I found a long lost love acquaintance now painting. And some hot pictures of Erin. I am such a sucker for brunettes.

I’ve been lolling around Boingboing looking for anything interesting, and the Macleans Blogs site – because I tell myself I need to be aware of the political scene in case something should happen that would twig a cartoon.

I’ve been trolling through Zen Jar on my iPod chasing the raise your karma points game. this lead also to discovering a Twitter app for the iPod. There is just so much time.

I’ve been working on prepping houses for rental. My part is pretty much maintenance. Cutting the grass and patching walls and thinking about finally getting the painting done. Others do the heavy lifting, the very thorough cleaning needed after years of rental to, uhm, male students, and roof and brick repairs. Those folks do a great job and it is just so greatly appreciated.

And the kids are home from school for the summer. So there’s driving and general berating parenting to do.

v7 Picture 1

I’ve done a layout for Karen’s office expansion and tooled around with the SweetHome 3D program. And a cool thing happened. I got work from my blog and sites – putting together some graphic work based on input from kids about possibilities for a park. I’ll put up some of that after it’s been used by the client.


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