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Roger and the communists

There are Communists! Communists! Right here in River City!
There are Communists! Communists! Right here in River City!

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Living-wage proposal branded ‘communist’ 

Tue, April 21, 2009


Coun. Roger Caranci last night accused some colleagues on city council of supporting a measure that he views as another step towards communism — exploring what social activists call a “living wage.”

“Why are we trying to make everything the same for everybody?” Caranci said. “We’ll be creating what I call a communist society.”

A living wage policy had been suggested by Controller Gina Barber, one of the so-called killer Bs whose last name begins with that letter and who have drawn derision from proponents of development.

A “living wage” is roughly defined by proponents as what a person would need to earn on an hourly basis in any given city to achieve some minimal standard of living.

Other cities have gone further requiring companies who do business with them to get a living wage, Barber said later.

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  2. Pinko bastards!

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