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Cats! Cats! Cats! Enough already!

It’s not like I have an astoundingly popular blog here, that I could spin it off and get rich on ad clicks, but over the past few days my stats have peaked almost purely off of one search term. Cats.

april 08    50 hits of 160 views
april 09    38 hits of 195 views
april 10   139 hits of 280 views
april 11    74 hits of 171 views

It’s not like I have anything remarkable here about cats. So, what’s up with that?

Dan Brown mentions cartoon life in his column and I peak that term at about 40 hits.

Update: 04/16/09: Actually that hit count topped at 242 today for cats. A Google search for cats yielded a curious result… the image from Cat cleanup in Beijing is on the first page. That old post is getting 2 to 3 (Wow) hits a day now, and Tipped Ear Clan, the blog, discontinued, is getting click-thru’s.

I don’t expect my application to teach English in Shanghai is going to be the least bit successful now.

Apparently that image is from an article at the British The Daily Mail.

3 thoughts on “Cats! Cats! Cats! Enough already!

  1. You draw cartoons, and LOLcats are still considered funny. Besides, who ever saw a search engine that really worked?
    Also, I recall a litter of kittens being yours once upon a time. The Cat Commission keeps track of these things, you know!

  2. 155 hits on “cats” yesterday. That’s more than I’ve ever been responsible for.

  3. “cats” hits at 202 today. Hits on this post are 4.

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