A skeptic speaks!

Everything you know is wrong. If somebody said it, it’s wrong. So just shut up. If you’ve got an idea it’s wrong. That’s how a skeptic thinks. That’s the skeptic code.

I’m a skeptic. Skeptic is what I do. Skeptic is what I believe. You don’t have to be right to be a skeptic. You just have to know that everybody else is wrong.  That’s the history of science. That’s how science gets ahead – by continously correcting wrong ideas.

Take Galileo for instance. He understood some science. Not like most skeptics, not like me, cause I understand some science … and I know it can be wrong … but scientists don’t know that.  They think they’re right because they have science on their side.  Me, I have skepticism on my side, so I know they’re wrong.

Skeptics are good for science – especially skeptics who question authority, who question the consensus. That’s how science goes forward. Argument is right. It sets science on the right track. If you’re not arguing, you’re wrong.

You can’t trust groupthink. Groupthink is wrong, wrong, wrong. Consensus is groupthink. Consensus is always questioned.  Only individuals can skeptic you know.

Knowing they are wrong allows us skeptics to stick together. We can stick together and show how everybody else is wrong, wrong, wrong.

You could say I’m in love with skepticism … and don’t forget, “You’re probably wrong.”


  1. This editorial has a frighteningly little to do with skepticism.

    Unfortunately it has a lot to do with misinformation, preconceived notions, and stereotypes.

    Have fun with that.

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