Hmmmmm what to do

I got a notice just now that budget cutbacks due to falling advertising revenue have hit the freelance budget at The Londoner. This weeks will be my last cartoon for a while.

Right now I haven’t thought about what will be happening here at cartoon life.

Update Thursday, April 9, 2009: Aside from mentions in James Reaney’s blog, altlondon, and other places, Dan Brown mentions cartoon life in today’s column.

I popped up this response:

Thanks for the mention, Dan. I noticed you got my lower case affectation right too :-)

I have the feeling that much of this change in the comics is driven more by Quebecor directives than any local independent choice.

Syndicated editorial cartoons are much cheaper for individual papers. Local voices aren’t so.

In my own morning browse of comics on-line, I noticed there are no ads directly on the pages where the comic itself appears.

Still, one would expect that comics that people like, and local voices would drive up circulation and revenue. No?


  1. Oh no, Doug, what lousy news. I feel your pain. Had my own work setback just yesterday. At least we’re going through this together :holds Doug’s hand:


  2. Hi Doug,

    What lousy news. I don’t see the Londoner much anymore, living in the sticks, but I do come here to follow the hi-jinks in London through your unique satirical perspective. I hope you decide to keep the blog rolling and I hope this is but a hiatus to something better. The world needs your talent.


  3. That’s really nice Sean. Thanks. And as to whether the world needs my talent… aw shucks.

    I guess there’s enough for me to spit and fuss about that something will prompt a response that i could post here. Don’t wanna promise, but there is a Zeroman story I’ve been kicking around…

  4. Yes, Doug, the world. Sure, at first glance it might seem hyperbolic, but the world is in desperate need of people who can see past the spin and the superficiality of politics and business to what’s really funny. The world certainly doesn’t need more airports, subdivisions, and salad shooters, and yet that is what the world is getting. The Londoner brought your cartoons to life, Doug, and this blog brought them to the world which is sorely in need of a few good laughs at the expense of self-important assholes who’d sell their own mothers for a buck. And I’d make this same argument from any soapbox in any town in any world where great cartoonists satirize self-important assholes. You guys are the real heroes in journalism, Doug. Anyone can pen a single sentence lead that never questions the conventional wisdom of the day, but it takes true creativity paired with a nose for real news to draw a great cartoon (not to mention the artistic talent). So, yes, with all sincerity and nary a sense of overstatement, I say “the world”.

    If at anytime you need a publicist let me know.

  5. Sorry to hear about this, Doug. One of the benefits of cancelling one’s subscription to the London Free Press is that you get The Londoner delivered right to your door – and your weekly deflating of city-hall windbags was the highlight of my Wednesday afternoon.

    Well, something else will turn up. It always does. I just hope the wait isn’t too long.

    lots of luck to you and yours, Sonny D.

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