Goldfish camouflage

A goldfish disguised as a deer, because we don’t kill those.
Culling of goldfish goes unnoticed From The London Free Press, Wed, February 4, 2009

Lost in the uproar about the possible killing of deer in Sifton Bog is a cull that’s already occurred there twice, the target not as cute, but still a popular pet — the goldfish.

About 3,000 goldfish have been killed the last two summers by a team that included the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority, the fish lured with food to the surface of the pond in the bog, zapped with electricity that stuns them, then scooped from the surface and killed.


  1. Don’t Throw You Junk in My Backyard

    I think that killing the Goldfish/Koi is a necessary practice. These “Goldfish” are Not native to this area. Some Dumbass dumped their unwanted fish into the pond and now they are overpopulated and taking over the pond. The frogs in the area cannot reach maturity because the fish are eating the tadpoles.
    Deer are Native to the Sifton Bog area. They did not move into this area. They were already there. It was us who so greedily forced our way into their homes. If you think that killing these fish is less humane than the fish you buy from a store you need to do some research. If anything commercial fishing is much worse. The gold fish are at least unconscious when they are taken from the water; commercially caught fish suffocate while conscious.

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