Random Nexts 8

I had a great long honking blogroll there a while back. I stashed them all in my browser itself and look at them once a week on a lazy Sunday. I follow, for a taste of things off the subcontinent:


Somebody once compared the street kids of Bombay to me to its pariah dogs. They did not mean this in a derogatory way, in fact the exact opposite. If you take a pariah dog and a domestic dog down the road and a car comes along, the pariah dog knows to get out of the way and will do so at the last possible moment. The domestic dog however, will not have a clue, it is soft and only responds to orders and food, it doesn’t realise the danger. It becomes a piece of road kill – another statistic if statistics were kept for dogs killed on the road.

He had some posts on Nepal a while back but be still remains interesting :-)

Now today in my Tag Surfer  KC Casey and Cats in Kathmandu showed up. Talking of their adopted dog in a previous post:

She’s quite a pampered Nepali street puppy.  If she weren’t in a house and being regularly seen by a vet, delighting in a specially cooked diet of chicken, rice, puppy food and yogurt, I know she wouldn’t have survived this long.   The adult dogs who live on the streets here must have remarkable immune systems–they eat garbage, live exposed to the elements, and somehow face all the numerous ailments that spread so easily here (rabies, distemper, mange, along with endless stomach ailments).  But, even though our little Alaskan Himal hasn’t had a mother since she was three weeks old, and she’s faced three problems many Western dogs never have to face in their entire lives, she’s now made it to three months old.

It’s not as though these respective blogs are about dogs. They are about people.