Orser Simpson Bacon

From The London Free Press, Thu, January 22, 2009  by JOE BELANGER

London firefighters should have at least one fan on city council at budget time – Coun. Steve Orser. [They] were called to Orser’s home Tuesday about 3:30 p.m. after fire broke out in the kitchen.

Orser said he tried to put the fire out himself, but two fire extinguishers failed and then he was overcome by smoke as firefighters arrived. He was helped out of the house.

“I was cooking bacon,” a sheepish Orser said yesterday.

“I tried to put it out, but the first fire extinguisher wouldn’t work and then I got one from the neighbour and told him to call the fire department, but his didn’t work either.”

Orser declined to explain what he was doing while the bacon was burning.