Best of the last year

Top ten posts in the past year since I don’t know when

Glass of water jokes 1,264 (Yeah, yeah, it’s not funny. You had to be there.)
Killer Bees Poster 1,047 
Google maps London Ontario 914 (Shamelessly scooping Google search hits)
Good Old-fashioned Developer Love Comics 782
Cougar by the fire 624
Play the double-decker bus tour game 617
Bones of prehistoric water monster found 542
caricature at events 464
Some Ting Things 375 (100 search hits for ‘Merle Tingley’ in 2008)
Little Green Car 366 (Somebody must know something about this illustration)

Compare with cartoon life top cartoon posts of the past year  from January of last year. “Jokes”, cartoon”,”water” and “love” continue to be the top search terms which explain a lot of the persistence in this top ten list. It sounds like a theme for future cartoons. 

Top ten local cartoons of 2008

Helmet Bike Kids
Once upon a time on the flood plain
The Barbeque
The Hotel Brunswick Donkey
The Brenda Martin Song & Dance
Water fountain guy
The bricks! Tom, the bricks!
Winston à la bat
If only budgets didn’t require money
The Pothole that ate London

From the Flikr site, which is just cartoons…. The Flikr Top Ten

Horton Horton 306 0 0
taser kid christmas taser kid christmas 291 0 0
The bus tour game The bus tour game 287 0 0
Santa taser letter Santa taser letter 270 0 0
Mess Christmas Mess Christmas 143 0 0
Patio tank Patio tank 123 0 0
The Barbeque The Barbeque 116 0 0
Mosquito Mosquito 114 0 0
Santa, deer and hunter Santa, deer and hunter 110 0 0
Winter or Spring? Winter or Spring? 106 0