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Colonel Sanders plastic bank

Apparently, and this is as much a surprise to me as anyone, there is a market for these bits of Kentucky Fried Chicken memorabilia. These banks seem to top out at about $50.

Why do I have one?

My father made it.

He worked for a plastic and neon sign company -Acme Neon Sign- as the designer, and staff artist. So, as a child I was exposed to many wondrous things – mechanical pencils, ammonia fumes, thinners, Letraset, wonderful big drawing tables… anyway, he didn’t really ‘make’ it. No, that claim properly belongs to Sterling Plastics of London Ontario, but he did make the plasticine master from which the mold was made.

I know this because I saw it worked up from the basic wood structure with plasticine built up to the final shape. This is cast from the second version. The first was rejected because my father had made him a bit plumper and a bit more cartoony with a larger head… to hold more money. It was after all, a coin bank.

4 thoughts on “Colonel Sanders plastic bank

  1. Do you want the original plastic version. Also, do you know the year of it. I was pleasantly surprised to see the “Made in Canada” on the bottom. I knew the Sterling factory- I grew up in London too.

    1. I have an original plastic version :-) Precise year? I don’t know. i was still in public school. 1967?

  2. When I was a kid my mother refrained from buying me a Ken to go with my Barbie, but Barbie, undaunted, reconciled herself to dating my sister’s Colonel Sanders piggy bank. It inevitably rattled while they walked; however, a little handy cash can reconcile a girl to just about anything :o)

  3. Mary Ann, that’s too funny.

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