Insights from coming home

My sister and my mother just returned from a lightening bus tour of Germany and Italy:

There was not enough time to see everything in the detail that one would have liked.. however, the trip was an overview and allowed me to figure out what areas I want to go back to, some day. The architecture is amazing and its beauty indescribable… It’s funny – I laughed to myself a number of times when driving through the beautiful Italian mountains… and thinking.. well, we have Boler Mountain!…. or while cruising down the Rhine and seeing all the castles and thinking.. well, we have the castle at Storybook!…. and comparing all the sculptures I saw made me laugh out loud when I thought of our one sculpture on Wellington at Queens… You know, so I guess we have what everyone else does, just on a smaller scale! But, I didn’t see any monuments to locomotives, so I guess Engine 86 has it over all of them!