1. Since I don’t post on John L’s site anymore, I’ll respond here, Doug, to your comments about Alt-London.

    ” Altlondon is a mess. The Londoner site is a mess. For instance both have let other values creep up and dictate the expression of the content.”

    If you think Alt-London is a mess, that’s fine by me because I find your site (and sites like it) sterile and bland

    Regarding your second assertion, that new values have creeped up and now dictate the content, is untrue.

    The content of Alt-London remains activism orientated with some local baseball tossed in.

  2. Butch, I didn’t say new values, I said other values. The Londoner seems obliged to use a corporate template which prefers to deliver ads to eyeballs with content as bait, and that content is difficult to navigate to aside from having various display problems.

    I think you’ve let your style of presentation overwhelm accessing the content.

    John’s reviews of the sites come from a narrow point of view: design and branding. You definitely have a brand. But still the sites need to be easy to use. We’ve had this discussion before.

    BTW, I haven’t been able to acccess altlondon for the past month or so, my browsers halting at being unable to ‘find the server’. What’s your direct IP address in numbers?

  3. Doug Rogers wrote:

    “BTW, I haven’t been able to acccess altlondon for the past month or so, my browsers halting at being unable to ‘find the server’. What’s your direct IP address in numbers?”

    I have no idea what would cause that problem, Doug. My web-hosting service provider is Sibername.com. Perhaps dumping your cache might solve the problem; other than that, I have no idea.

    I’ve never heard of anyone else having that problem.

    I do agree that The Londoner’s site went from a great site to a confusing one.

    Regarding alltlondon, its content is all down the middle, with more or less static stuff in the left-and right-hand galleys. In my view, it’s easy to figure out.

    But what do I know? I see nonsense all other local blogs all the time and can only shake my head (I don’t post on Greg’s blog either, anymore).

    One opinion piece on Greg’s blog by Kevin suggests that only the London Majors use Labatt Park, when the park is in use most nights of the week by other leagues and teams.

    And no one using the park has a problem with the noise by-law or the requirement to shut the lights off by 11:30 pm.

    After all, the park is in a residential neighbourhood. Who cares what was there first (the park was, but the lights weren’t installed until the 1940s). The reality is, the park is now smack-dab in a residential neighbourhood.

    And I disagree that the Rotary READING Garden’s access/ egress is difficult to figure out, next to the LPL.

    Further, when it first opened, it received plenty of local media coverage, as well as when the idea for the reading garden was first conceived.

    The problem is, many folks don’t seem to pay attention to the local media and events. Thankfully, everyone does seem to know where the Beautiful Brunswick is (couldn’t resist).

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