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baby as dog

Timbit for baby costs job

“They said, ‘Remember, Monday you gave out a free Timbit,’ ” she said. “I had to think, then I was like, ‘Oh yeah,’ and I smiled because I thought I’d get a warning.”

Instead, she was fired for theft and told to sign the accusation before leaving.

“I was crying. I was like, ‘I’m a single mom with four kids and you are going to put this on my record?’ You should bring all the staff in here and fire them all and yourselves, too. People give out Timbits to dogs in the drive-through all the time.”

Timbits, little balls of the hole missing from the doughnut cost about 16¢. The corporation scrambles real fast! Fired for handing out free Timbit, woman re-hired

Nicole Lilliman — canned for offering a free blob of dough to the child of a regular customer earlier this week — has been offered a job at another store by the company.

A press release sent out this morning blamed an overzealous manager for firing the 27-year-old employee, who has worked at Tim Hortons for three years.

“Unfortunately the action of the manager of this location was not appropriate, nor grounds for dismissal,” said the release. “With an apology from management, Ms. Lilliman has been rehired by the franchisee.”

An almost satisfactory resolution because I hope her previous manager gets a good kick in the shins.

“They said, ‘Remember, Monday you gave out a free Timbit,’ ” she said. “I had to think, then I was like, ‘Oh yeah,’ and I smiled because I thought I’d get a warning.”

You gave away a ball of flour, fat and sugar! Have you seen the cost of flour recently? Soon it’ll be double cups for tea or two napkins! Where will this end? A second serving of water? Spoons? Washroom access? Asking customers to not idle their cars in the drive-thru? We have to end this now. You’re fired!

The solution? Disguise your baby as a sweet adorable dog!


  1. Is that 16 cents with or without tax? What do you figure it costs Timmie’s to make them? And what did they do with them before Timbits were invented?

  2. As indicated in a few of the news stories, Tims’ management was out to get her because, apparently she brought up a manager’s absenteeism at a staff meeting.

    Who knows? Maybe there was a union drive in the works.

    And Nicole has indicated that she may not take the new job offered at another Tims’ outlet.

    Frankly, I don’t think the real story has come out yet — as is often the case with the media. They simply skim the surface of the story.

    Under normal circumstances with an employee who’s been employed beyond the probationary six months period, discipline is done in steps. i.e., warnings etc. before dismissal.

    In any event, Tim Hortons looks real bad in this case and I’m staying away from the place from here on in.

  3. When I first read the story, I thought she had a federal human rights case. Whatever the backstory is – and there is certainly backstory – the manager comes across as worse than Ebenezer Scrooge and Simon Legree. Neither will come out with roses if more is said.

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