WTF happened to the Londoner website? Huge blankets of white space! It’s like Mr Clean came by with his Magic Eraser and scrubbed it clean of personality. Half the front page is ads ‘above the fold’. Content is practically half-a-dozen clicks deep after two or three summaries about what you’ll get when you finally get there. Text banging tight against the edges of the browser window. Margins people! Great gaping holes! What? Is this some bargain basement auto template thrown together in Silverlight off some third world server? Ohmigod, please don’t look. Don’t let anyone think I drove traffic to that disaster!


  1. Doug, I was there. Where is your cartoon? They hid it. I can’t find it.

  2. Nope, it’s not there. It does still appear in the print edition – which btw, shows up in my mailbox promptly wednesday morning now.

  3. I will smite them! As soon as I’m done whispering in George W.’s ear.

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