The chariot for Bisket Jatra

Just moments ago we received an email from Narayan Chitrikar, the Thangka artist living in Bhaktapur, who is visiting his children in Michigan. He included this photo of the great chariot rolled out for Bisket Jatra. Sunny’s Guest house is to the left of this great temple in the background. The wheels for the chariot were stored across the road from the guest house, just behind the temple. Happy New Year 2065!


  1. Hi there, I was recently in Bhaktapur and took home some thangkas. I need to get in touch with Narayan Chitrakar or his wife in Michigan- can you help by any chance? Thanks Carol Hong

  2. Search on google him. recently there had been a art gallery and he also had taken part on it.

    Sory not much help on it bro…

  3. Thanks, remrow. Carol managed to track him down even as I sent his email to her privately. It’s great he’s done some exhibitions.

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