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These posts labelled Random Nexts are from stored bookmarks. I would stumble on a blog I liked, but really didn’t know if I wanted to follow it, or what to do with it, but didn’t want to lose the link. Chengdu Letters is one of these long stored bookmarks, and this post March Comes in Like a Snowlion is interesting in light of Tibet and China. Mentioning ‘Tibet’ as a text string, of course insures censorship of this post.

People are reacting more to the fear of not-knowing, to the possibilities of pain and change, than they are to the real events, real oppression. Police in the streets are fine; stories of threat are paralyzing. I tried to bring it up with one of my classes, innocently, with curiosity. Teach me. “What can you tell me about what’s going on in Tibet?” I asked. Never mention the three T’s, I’d been told. Tian an’men, Taiwan, Tibet. There was silence. Their faces darkened; I was no longer their hero. They didn’t want to speak at all after that.