The bricks! Tom, the bricks!

Roger comments on a downtown proposal

From A new vision for downtown London by Ben Benedict from The Londoner the previous week, at London Downtown at London Downtown. Whew. That attribution was a PITA.

“The grand vision we have, and it’s not going to happen in 10 years, is to make Dundas a grand street to Adelaide. There’s not enough people or traffic for that (yet). The sinkhole was an interesting social phenomenon. Buses couldn’t go downtown and the world didn’t end. A lot of merchants enjoyed the effect of people walking around,” Mr. Hume says. The concept comes from the Netherlands and Flanders, described as a woonerf (plural woonerven), a street or group of streets in a town or city where pedestrians and cyclists have legal priority over motorists. “It’s a Dutch word and in New York they call it naked streets and it means giving the streets back to the people. It’s not just people friendly but pedestrian orientated as opposed to vehicle orientated,” Mr. Hume says. “What we’re suggesting is that they take a phased approach. In two years eliminate buses on Dundas. In five years, eliminate parking – the sidewalk and street would be at the same level so you can start having patio dining with trees and people. Then in 10 years you limit traffic with barriers. It could be seasonal, we’re not particular, and we’re trying to be realistic. Overall it’s a vision and coming out of that is opening closed buildings, creating loft living and you can see the blocks we’re building.”


  1. loved the dig at Tom’s bricks.

    he may have to dig up quite a few in order to make room for trees but I’m sure he can stuff them somewhere else.

    cheers, gord h.

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