Baraka. Images from Nepal

Nepal keeps popping up as a topic here. This site, Spirit of Baraka features still shots from Baraka – a film by Ron Fricke. Here, an image from Bhaktapur’s Durbar Square. In the background, the Siddhi Lakshmi with the guardian statues; in the foreground left Vatsala Durga with the “gate” on one corner of the step.


  1. Raj, what a fascinating story you tell on your site. Please, all my eight’s or ten’s of visitors… follow the link. And follow this one too:

    First we met Yam and Samantha, who introduced us to Rambo and Lisa who run Harmony Trekking & Foundation, a trekking company in Pokhara. Yam used to work in his guest house. We had the pleasure of an afternoon visiting with Ram and Dharma’s parents at their farm on Sarangkot.

    The foundation, distributes, clothes, medicine and subsidizes teachers and students in a small school on Sarangkot.

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