I don’t know. Am I just in a grouchy mood today?

A brief Correspondannce between myself and Freeverse over a demo of Lineform

Well, I obviously tried the program in an earlier version sometime ago and chose not to purchase it. I really can’t remember why, but it comes up again in searches, as a decent replacement for Illustrator. I’d like to demo it again briefly to see if it can do – probably the type controls – what I need, but there is some legacy preferences file somewhere that tells me that my demo is timed out, so I cannot demo this newest downloaded version because it won’t load.

Dear Doug, Open your System Preferences > Accounts and create a new user account. Install the demo in this new account and it should function without issue. Kevin

Sorry… Any projects I might want to test it with would be in my main account. This really isn’t an acceptable solution. I do want a replacement for Illustrator.

Dear Doug, Just place the projects in your public folder and you will be able to access them regardless of the account. We understand your dilemma, unfortunately it would not be prudent for us to provide people with a way to bypass our copy-protection. Thank you again, Kevin

I know that. I don’t want to do that, nor should I have to to try your service and I do hope you understand that I won’t consequently be buying your product.


  1. So, if i tried version 1.2.2 and found it wanting, and you have updated version 1.5 to be more capable, I cannot demo version 1.5 without workarounds? Why should I have to dance to test your product?

    At least do something to remove the protection so I can demo a new version. You shouldn’t be crippling your potential customers.

    Give me a thirty day demo on version 1.2.2. And make your protection smart enough to know when YOU have updated the program so I can have a thirty day demo on that new version. I’ll know in a mere few hours whether it will do what I want it to do.

    Lineform 1.2.2 hasn’t been on my Mac since I demoed it and found it wanting. Mere days.

  2. You’re acting like a twelve-year old. If you really wanted to try the software, just try it. Copy your “projects” over to the other account and demo it. Don’t try to hold a company hostage to the public on your blog because they don’t give you another thirty days of free usage every time they add a few features and fix some bugs.

  3. As I said in the comment above, I need only a few hours, maybe a day to see if it will do what I want. I don’t need thirty days. And I really would like those invisible files removed. And i don’t need to dance for them in order to do that. They can make that file self destruct, or even recognize when a new version of their software comes out that might warrant another demo. Testing their product isn’t my job.

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