Hey, you kids, get The Christ outta’ my holiday

Yeah, yeah, it’s from FARK, but; While most Christians embrace Christmas, a few recall a more complex history presents a richer story.

Pastor John Foster [is] one of very few American Christians who follow what used to be the norm in many Protestant denominations-rejecting the celebration of Christmas on religious grounds.” People don’t think of it this way, but it’s really a secular holiday,” said Foster, a Princeton-based pastor in the United Church of God.               

Good on ya! A fundamentalist who rejects Christmas.

Here is the book;  Christmas: A Candid History at Amazon. 

It’s funny though, as the comments after the story waggle between rational and ranty. Guess who the Ranters are.

We note that Bodhi Day, marking the day of Buddha’s enlightenment is said to fall on December 8th—the Lunar calendar puts that at the full moon occurring on December 26th this year.