The timing sucks. Oh, well.

ThreatLast week there were a couple of good ideas. Alas, the Londoner only publishes weekly and one can only hope that the story keeps it’s legs. This is part of the cartoon I did Thursday evening for submission Friday, based on a story from November 17th’s London Free Press by Jonathan Sher;

City hall nemesis Allan Patton is threatening to go to the Ontario Municipal Board if his client, developer Vito Frijia, isn’t issued a permit to cut down most of a woodland. While Patton must wait until Dec. 1 to file an appeal, he says he’ll do so unless Frijia is given the green light to cut acres of trees that residents are fighting to preserve. “If the city doesn’t issue a permit by month’s end, the appeal will be in the OMB office in Toronto the next day by courier,” Patton said yesterday. As threats go, that’s a [concern] along Adelaide Street north of Windermere Road for residents who can’t bear losing a woodland that’s larger than 10 football fields. Many are chagrined Frijia plans to use the property for a driving range when there is one practically across the street.

Then this story; $700,000 deal may save woods shows up in this days (Friday’s) paper and spins a very different polish on the apple.

The fight to save a north London woodland from a developer’s axe and a future as a driving range took a major turn this week when city council voted behind doors to offer $700,000-plus to the developer

We’re not out of the woods and onto the green just yet. Alan Patton appears in  Developer Magazine debut and Vito Frijia in Mine! Not Yours! Mine!.

Update: Saturday, November 24, 2007 

Ian Gillespie writes some Lawyer Golfer jokes

That a deal was being considered was discussed in camera – confidentially, behind closed doors – but the news was leaked, obviously, by one of the parties involved in the discussion.  Video Link.

Who would benefit from releasing the information? Some people seem overjoyed that the woodlot might be saved – at extortionist rates, mind you. Maybe the leak is an attempt to sink the whole deal?

Expropriation (everyone say, “Horton Street”) doesn’t really seem like a bad word here.

 Update: Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Gord Harris’s column

 Update: Monday, January 7, 2008



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