Pools and bridges. Over and under.

From Jonathan Sher’s Free Press story:

… London West MPP Chris Bentley said yesterday the city can take as long as it needs to spend provincial money to rebuild Thames Pool.”I have consulted the ministry involved. (The money) can’t be pulled back. It won’t be pulled back,” said Bentley, … .His assurance surprised but delighted city officials, who say they were previously told by Queen’s Park bureaucrats the new money had to be spent, at least in part, this year.”I’m reassured to hear (Bentley’s comments) so I’m re- positioning myself,” said Coun. David Winninger, whose ward includes the pool.”I’ve had a lot of phone calls, e-mails and encounters with people who are strongly in opposition (of change) and are also upset because of the short and narrow consultation,” [Councillor David] Winninger said.From the start, officials with Ontario’s Ministry of Health Promotion said they’d only consider recreation projects that could begin in 2007. That deadline forced the city to remove a request for what it had been deemed its highest recreational priority — a new community centre in north London, DeCicco-Best said.Bentley, asked if ministry officials previously said they expected the new funds to be spent this year, said he wasn’t sure but that expectations didn’t legally bind the city.”That’s a little different than legal strings . . . However we got here, I’m sure everybody wants the best possible decision to be made (about the pool).”