Perambulator; stuff to drive your baby buggy.

I used to go into the London Public Library some days and wander to a shelf location where I had never been before, walk till felt like stopping and browse through the shelf – whatever shelf was beside me and look for a book that might be interesting. Something usually turned up.

I had found Rives on 4 a.m. on Miro on the TED channel the other day, and sent the link to a friend of mine, Spanner McNeil, who replied with a story of his coincidentally tuning in to a shortwave broadcast on “NHK Radio Japan. Signal strength 3-5. Hiss poor to inaudible.  “…the show is World Wide Interactive and this is DX Mailbag” where they read a letter sent to them where Roy talked about being up at 4 AM.

This little exchange prompted me, to, for the hell of it, Google ‘Shortwave Radio Blogs’ to stumble on  WFMU’s Beware of the Blog and the MP3 link leading to a series of articles on a very long page about very obscure recording finds, cassettes, old vinyl, and some really obscure videos.

Of course it leads to Classic Television Showbiz and Saturday Morning Blog

I could be trapped in this internet thing forever.


  1. Hah! It leads to endless tunnels and diversions and and piles of stuff to tunnel through – like being trapped in the basement of your favourite used book store.

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