Cougar by the fire

cougar roasting squirrel over open fireThere are reports of cougar sightings in some outlying areas of the city; Byron, the Kipps Lane area and Exeter Road near Chalkstone Road, basically where the deer, and the river runs. Some DNA evidence of cougar is found in Wainfleet Conservation Area near Port Colborne, and evidence of deer, coyotes, raccoons, wild turkeys and, possibly, a bobcat at spots throughout the city.

Sean has some funny takes at The London Freak Press.

A Saskatchewan bible camp has a new policy on animal treatment after a squirrel was killed and roasted over the fire by one of its counsellors.

There is of course this too,   from about a boy’s encounter.

In a letter to the Londoner, Steve Garry said :

In fact, having our very own neighbourhood carnivore makes us feel special. Like our very own “Lock Ness Cougar.” Hopefully, in the end, somebody doesn’t catch it and just stuff it into some roadside zoo somewhere. Let nature run free!

And of course Tyson the Kangaroo, who was stuffed into a roadside zoo has gone missing. I imagine them both on the run, hiding along the river, looking for freedom.


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