The Killer Bees in The Taste of Money, Honey!

Okay – for the non-native non-Londoners, just so this isn’t totally mystifying – councillors Gina Barber, Judy Bryant, Joni Baechler and Nancy Branscombe have been branded The Killer B’s by the pro-unlimited development faction -see Toxic for a bit of background- at city council. You can view previous adventures of Developer Strike Force and Zeroman at year 3 and year 4 cartoons. 

Update 07/09/07Hey folks! Get your Killer Bees poster here!

Update Sunday; November 2, 2008 The complete – so far – Zeroman Adventures at Flikr

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  1. Hi Doug,

    Am enjoying the cartoons but can’t access the results from the poll re a force for good or evil.


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