The Bike Path maker

The Toronto Star ran this article about guerilla bike path painters

“Perfect,” one says, as they notice a red Honda parked only feet away from a large Chevy. With lookouts at the ready, the pair crouch between the two bumpers. One holds down a large cardboard stencil, while the other traces the image with paint. Once the diamonds and bike logos are done, the woman puts on an orange emergency-worker vest and walks straight into oncoming traffic. As she signals for cars to pass into the centre lane, another walks behind her, using a line painter. Commuters instinctively take their positions, and bikes head right for the new lane, as drivers dutifully merge left. “Are we finally getting a bike lane?” asked a passerby heading into a corner store. “Yes ma’am,” one of the Repair Squad replies. “How exciting!”

…reminding me of this cartoon from 2005Bike Path Maker

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