Life at The Vienna Café

Yea! Sean Hurley at The Vienna Cafe! From The Great Debate:

For Londoners contemplating who to support in the debate over the direction of development, the risks and costs of unmanaged, developer led growth are becoming all too clear. The societal, environmental, and economic costs all erode quality of life and threaten prosperity. If Londoners want a city that remains livable, and viable, they need to support councillors who recognize growth must have limits.        

and from Glory Be We’re Saved

So let’s recap: The G8 agreement on climate change, hailed by our Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, as a great step forward, lays the framework for the world’s largest and most polluting industrial economy to think about making a commitment about committing to do something, but only on a condition dependent on third parties who have already said “no way, José.” Does it get any better? I wouldn’t think so, except then I got this photocopied flyer in the mail from MP Joe Preston that says “Hey! Don’t worry about climate change. We’ve turned the corner!”         

This is the kind of stuff I miss from altlondon, which has recently found it’s footing under new leadership. It’s a shame Sean and the old altondon crew, hasn’t a regular voice in London anymore. I think that some folks are feeling less heat, and a bit more room to sprawl with you guys out of town.


  1. Doug, Sean Hurley still has administrator privileges on altondon and still posts there with some regularity.

    Further, any of the old alt posters are free to post on alt any time they want. In fact anyone is free to post on altlondon.

    If they choose not to do so, I don’t spend much time worrying about it. Londoners, generally, are relatively complacent, so que sera serooni.

  2. Thanks for coming by. Still altLondon did flounder about for a while and has settled in to a new space finally. as to Sean’s posting regularly, well, you know the pseudonyms. I don’t.

  3. Doug, I don’t know the period that you’re referring to when altlondon purportedly floundered, and any perceived “floundering” is purely subjective in my view because different people like different things, but I do know that Sean was sick of doing alt as far back as two years ago or so when he first asked me to take it over — and I declined.

    Then last December, he asked me again and I said I’d give it a whirl.

    One thing that has changed is that there are fewer people posting comments for whatever reason, which can be perceived as both good and bad.


    Because many of the threads that attracted many comments appeared to do so only when people started calling each other names, which is ultimately boring.

    On the other hand, quality posts enrich the site.

    I’ve noticed that many London blogs, irrespective of their quality, don’t attract many comments. Too bad, but a reality nonetheless.

    I’ll wrap it with the folowing rather ominous note: Unless the festering Whitworth-union matter is properly addressed by the City of London soon, someone’s going to get physically hurt, as the Dark Side in this affair is already making threats against those trying to clean up the problem. Things could get ugly soon if the City doens’t act — and all signs indicate that they won’t, as they appear to savour a divided union.

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