Shrek Drek

A technical tour de force. The rendering looks real. The story is flat, straight-ahead, no surprises. It’s a good thing we had a fat lady in the row behind to laugh when things were, uhm, funny, cause I couldn’t tell.It’s like they stuffed actors in the costumes and stuck to the script. They sail away, they find Arthur, they come back, everyone is captured, they escape and pose threateningly when they have the chance. Puss in Boots does nothing adventurous, heroic or catty. Shrek plods along and stops to explain everything once in a while. In fact every moment you might expect something exciting to happen, a story twist, or some exciting adventurous animated action sequence, they stop and explain what’s going on. Arthur jumps daringly from cloud to cloud, lands on stage and … speaks. Puss and Donkey switch bodies and … switch back.Everyone in the production seems so scared to do anything surprising, fresh or original with the characters. There is nothing underneath the characters, no one in the costumes anymore, no psychology, no surprises. Everything is what it seems to be. Loosely, but not really anymore based on a story by William Steig.I was hoping that Charming actually did kill Shrek. Too bad.