Ways to liberate animals

Very nice post from Singapore Community Cats regarding Vesak Day celebrations, whereon animals are liberated, released from boxes and cages. Certainly it has to be adapted to an urban setting with awareness of the local environment and conditions.

We can ‘liberate’ them by being kind to stray cats and dogs, by not trapping birds, and by teaching our children to be kind to all living things as they have as much right to be on earth as we have.

We can also speak out against animal abuse and advocate a more humane way to control animal population through sterilisation instead of culling.

We can encourage our friends and family members to adopt rescued pets in animal shelters instead of buying them from pet shops.

And we should support animal welfare organisations.

Indeed, we can even liberate animals by eating less meat or better yet, by becoming vegetarians.


  1. Great post! Helpig animals should be a top item we should all be concerned with. Your post reminded me of a stray cat that used to come by my house. We would let him in, feed him a little milk and food. After a while we started buying cat food for him he came by so frequently. After a while we found out he used to live here, and would leave his new home to come back. He had been attacked once and I took him to the animal vet. I had to pay for the initial visit, which was no big deal, it was worth it. But I found out about his owners and thought they would be unhappy to pick him up. Surprisingly they picked him up, paid what they could and even brought their other cat for rabies vaccinations. I try to help animals at all costs, or any sentient being for that matter.

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