‘What are they like, those comic book fans?’


From the CBC’s stupid Flash video Entertainment Archives, an inquiring CBC reporter asks this question and more at Toronto’s Cosmicon III, one of Canada’s earliest comic book conventions. From Jan. 25, 1974 – 6:01

With a weighty and very serious narration.

We glimpse Jeff Jones with Dean Motter in a Zap t-shirt, a short interview with friend Bill Paul, glimpses of Jeff Jones artwork with a totally hilarious feminist voiceover in light of later revelations, a glimpse of a Ken Steacy panel, and some faces of folks I would recognize but otherwise don’t know.

Keep em “for as long as I live”. :-) Yeah, yeah… Life catches up with you.

Thanks to Ron Kasman for pointing this out to Bill who called me about it. The old ways still work.

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