Little Green Car

While digging about in old stuff in the basement for some other purpose, I came across this old illustration. I found it at Ernie Rentz’ downtown ‘Ye Olde London Antiques and Junque Shoppe’, that he opened after selling the bookstore – some 20 plus years ago… really… wow…I bought it because it was the illustration in a grade school reader from a story I remembered, likely early 1960’s? I couldn’t recall the gist of the tale right now, but it involved this unfortunate little sedan which wound up towed to the garage, for what was, in hindsight, likely a transmission problem. I think he just couldn’t make it up the hill, or something. It is on a piece of 10 inch by 15 inch High Art #79 illustration board. The 3 1/2 scale guide measures 4 inches, or 12.7 cm for the Imperially-impaired. A small line of pencil written copy in the upper right says “little green car” and the writing at the lower right says: Gears & Gasoline top l h page p 12. That is where the illustration was in the book, on the top half of the left hand page.There are various bits of wonderful tight brushwork, white, likely gouache, which was used at the time, to sharpen black edges, add detail and lighten the hatching in the tow-truck body shadows.

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